Funeral Service

Throughout the years, the group has established strong relationships with both member firms and suppliers, and the network continues to grow.

The Independent Funeral Group understands the complexity of creating a sustainable and distinguished approach to the mortuary community. Although economics is on the forefront, The Independent Funeral Group places great emphasis on both continuing education and fellowship opportunities.

By hosting an annual Fall Conference, the mutual endorsement of John A. Gupton College, educational trips, scholarship offerings, and numerous contributions to both State and National Associations, The Independent Funeral Group has solidified its place in the funeral industry for nearly two decades. Lastly, The Independent Funeral Group takes great pride in its overall ability to visualize each member firms talent, potential, and dignity.

We commend the courage, passion, and commitment put forth to each members community, and we will continue to create opportunities to further unlock their potential. The result of the group, member firms and suppliers efforts, is the loyalty and mutual support that energizes and unites teams to work together for a greater cause – the family's we serve.

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