In the last newsletter, I mentioned that TIFG is beginning to offer Roundtables. As the industry continues to change, it is essential that dialogue is opened from differentiating perspectives. This, as a result, can assist those who participate in the Roundtables, and hopefully offer ideas that lead to solutions. The specific locations still need to be determined, but the dates and areas have been solidified.


  • Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee


The Roundtables will consist of our moderator, Dr. Jason Troyer of Mt. Hope Grief Services and I will assist as the Secretary. The topic will be the same for all three Roundtables and is being finely tuned in by Dr. Troyer. This information will accompany the next newsletter. In order to meet the demands of those who attend, it is limited to funeral home owners. The maximum for each Roundtable will be 10 funeral home owners. Regardless where you are located, you can go to our website at and sign up for the Roundtable typing in what location you would like to participate in. This is a first come first serve basis. Upon conclusion of all (3) Roundtables, Dr. Troyer and I will combine all of the data learned from each event and present it at the last day of the Fall Conference where instead of having a speaker, we will open the room up for discussion. Please take advantage of this opportunity. The specific locations will be announced in an Email, on our website, and in the next newsletter. We are excited to hear everyone’s experiences. More will come… 

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