About Us

Established in 1995, The Independent Funeral Group was created for one purpose-supporting the family owned funeral home.  Over the years, the group has grown across the Southeast, establishing a strong network of relationships between member firms and among suppliers.

The Independent Funeral Group works to support member firms in developing sustanable, innovative approaches to meet the specific needs of their communities, emphasizing continuing education and fellowship opportunities to connect members with the resources and skills they need to grow.

Over the last two and a half decades, the group has solidified its place in the funeral industry with roundtables, fellowship trips, scholarship offerings, annual Fall Conferences, and numerous contributions to state and national associations.  The Independent Funeral Group's member firms and partners are individually selected for their dedication to quality service, and we commend the strength, passion, and commitment put forth by each of them.  We will continue to create opportunities for our members to grow and realize their full potential.

The joint efforts of our firms and partners have given us a loyal, united team, working together for our common cause- to provide for every family's needs with care and dignity, as if it were our own.